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The following pages document the progress I made in the restoration of this Corvair, from day one to the finished car. The pictures can be seen as they are or clicked to enlarge them. Some months are divided in two parts to speed up the download and reduce scrolling.
Weeks 1 and 2
Original junk yard pictures, washing and discovery of the original condition. Separating the mechanical parts, seats, gas tank and others from the body.

Weeks 3 and 4
Taking apart the body and engine, with detailed pictures of the original engine, transmission and differential parts.

Month 2
Starting on the bodywork, cutting out the rotten floors and taking out the windshield to use as a mold.

Month 3
Details of the old and new cylinder jugs, starting of the bodywork, and the new wheels.

Month 4, part 1
The arrival of the new front suspension, its cleaning and disassembly of the U-joints, rear wheel bearings and rear suspension.

Month 4, part 2
Cleaning the engine parts, carbon from the heads, comparison of the VW cylinders with the new Corvair cylinders before and after de-flashing. Details of the problems with the distributor, generator, clogged oil cooler, worn pushrods, etc.

Month 8, part 1
Rebuilding of the steering box as well as the front and rear suspensions, including pics of the old and new wheels, before and after pictures of the suspensions and assembly.

Month 8, part 2
The rebuilding of the differential and transmission, resurfacing of the flywheel and pressure plate. Also the installation of the electronic module in the distributor and discovery of problems with the carburetors.

Month 9
Rebuilding the brakes, including honing the cylinders and replacing brake lines. Details of the valve train and de-flashing of the heads.

Month 10
Sandblasting and painting anti-rust on the edges of doors and hinges. Insides of the gas sending unit, fuel pump. Starting the fabrication of the new gas tank.

Month 12
Finishing the floor from below and welding the cracks in the unibody. Also polishing of some of the stainless belt trim and repairing the “Chevrolet” script to use as a mold for the hood emblem.

Month 13, part 1
Polishing of the aluminum headlight bezels and door sills, straightening and polishing the stainless belt and windshield trim, and fabrication of the hood ornament from recycled aluminum.

Month 13, part 2
The first engine assembly, discovery of and corrections of problems in the new parts (bulges on pistons and one bearing), the finishing of the gas tank, mounting of the two suspensions and trial of the first paint selection.

Month 14, part 1
The second assembly of the engine and its installation in the car including a video of the determination of the top of the compression stroke. Before and after pictures of several engine components.

Month 14, part 2
Details of the restoration of the front emblem, steering column and its bearings and other small parts. Flaring new brake lines, fabrication of crossover bearing and pictures of the old wiring.

Month 18
Polishing the glove box door, fender protector for gas tank, comparison of re-chromed bumpers with originals, cutting out of rusted door panel and replacement with donor steel. Beginning of shoulder belt installation.

Month 21
Finishing of the bodywork and priming.

Month 23
Polishing of the dash parts, locks, emblems instrument panel and details. Finishing the bodywork and final painting, including a close-up of the metallic detail in the paint and filling the rear panel to match the 61 grill. Also a brief review of the process of the left front fender repairs. Paint formulation.

Month 24
Repair of the window mechanisms, installation of the windows, fabrication of the clips for the belt trim, dent removing and polishing of the rear belt trim. Also a look at the roof from start to finish, including its final paint and headliner.

Month 25
The finished and assembled car, installation of the dash and glove box plus the fabrication of the radio bezel.

Month 26
Finishing the upholstery of the seats and starting on the fabrication of the door panels. Making the pattern for the carpeting.

Month 27
The fabrication of the wiring harnesses and installation of all electrical systems, new tail light arrangement, fabrication of the muffler and balancing the carburetors, including a photo of the finished engine compartment.

Month 29
The installation of eDead and carpeting on the floors as well as Dynamat Hoodliner on the firewall. Also the construction of the speaker housing, finishing the upholstery and fabrication of the console.

Month 30
Dropping the power train again to change out the bad flywheel and pressure plate. Video of the bent pressure plate. Pictures of the first drive and the new whitewall tires. Homemade license plates.

Small Projects
Various small touches added later, including:
  • Restoring the spark plug wire separators
  • Wrapping of the steering wheel with matching leather
  • Converting a 56 Chevy gas sending unit to match the old broken 60 Vair
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