Third Year Progress
The pictures can be seen as they are or clicked to enlarge them. Some months are divided in two parts to speed up the download and reduce scrolling.

Month 25
The finished and assembled car, installation of the dash and glove box plus the fabrication of the radio bezel.

Month 26
Finishing the upholstery of the seats and starting on the fabrication of the door panels. Making the pattern for the carpeting.

Month 27
The fabrication of the wiring harnesses and installation of all electrical systems, new tail light arrangement, fabrication of the muffler and balancing the carburetors, including a photo of the finished engine compartment.

Month 29
The installation of eDead and carpeting on the floors as well as Dynamat Hoodliner on the firewall. Also the construction of the speaker housing, finishing the upholstery and fabrication of the console.

Month 30
Dropping the power train again to change out the bad flywheel and pressure plate. Video of the bent pressure plate. Pictures of the first drive and the new whitewall tires. Homemade license plates.

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