Before and After

Pictures of Before and After

First view in the junk yard

Similar view when finished

My second view in the junk yard

A picture on my first drive

A view of the front before a good washing

A similar view after finishing

The left front before washing

A similar view after the restoration

The rusty floor after stripping out the seats and carpeting

The patched floor with a layer of sound-proofing on it

The interior as is sat in the junk yard

The new interior with bucket seats and center a console

Steering wheel and dash as purchased

Leather steering wheel and restored dash

Original door panel

New door panels made locally

Original condition of glove box door

Glove box and other trim polished

Headlights before restoration

Headlights after welding, painting, and polishing

Engine as pulled from the car

Engine rebuilt and ready to go into car with temporary air intakes

Engine in car after washing

Assembled engine in car

Steering box as purchased

Steering box after rebuilding

Rear suspension before

Rear suspension after

Original front crossmember and suspension

Front crossmember and suspension after

Oil cooler before

Oil cooler after

Clogged head and barrels

Head cleaned and deflashed

Broken and rusty gas tank

Fabricated and sealed new gas tank

Original cylinder barrel (from VW)

New cylinders deflashed and painted lightly

One original carburetor (other was different)

Rebuilt carburetors from Rear Engine Specialists

Parts to form the radio bezel

Finished radio bezel

Before and after polishing stainless door post trim (note reflection of belt buckle)

Before and after polishing the plastic and aluminum dash parts

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