Small Projects

Small Projects
A few small projects after finishing the car

Spark plug wire separators

Cleaning old plastic, rust, and paint

Cleaned and ready for "Plasti Dip"

Two coats of "Plasti Dip", ready to install again

Materials for covering Steering wheel

Lining the cover with cork

Store bought cover. A little too tan and big

New home made cover

Close up of new cover

New cover dyed to match car

New sending unit to be modified and old defective one

1956 Chevy Sending unit modified to fit

Rear without lights on

Normal tail lights

Normal tail and brake lights

Red LED tail lights

Red LED tail and brake lights on

4 watt incandescent dash lights

Red LED dash lights

Green LED bulbs installed in dash

Gas filter converted to fan greasing fitting

Grease fitting installed with silicon sealant

New front door sills installed

New rear door sills installed

Speaker enclosure for dash speakers

FatMat installed on hood

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