Month 30

New Flywheel and Pressure Plate, plus Final Touches

Car raised and ready to pull power train

Cracks in flywheel

Broken weld on Pressure Plate

Old bent ring gear-teeth far from bellhousing

Old bent ring gear-teeth close to bellhousing

New Dale Flywheel

New Pressure Plate

New pressure plate installed

New ring gear in bell housing

Starter solenoid-Bendix

New Bendix drive

Starter cone broken by bad flywheel

New "NOS" Starter Nose cone

Me next to the car at Lake San Jacinto

Left rear at San Jacinto

Right front near San Jacinto

New Whitewalls

Gas Door - Fender protector installed with polished belt trim

Whitewalls on the road

Front in Light (green)

Front in shade (blue)

Front corner with headlights and trim

Green left side

Blue left side

Front on stones to winery

Front with license

Rear with license plate

Floor Mats

The license plates made to match the original number

60 months and 21 days. I now have real tags.

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