First Year Progress
The pictures can be seen as they are or clicked to enlarge them. Some months are divided in two parts to speed up the download and reduce scrolling.

Weeks 1 and 2
Original junk yard pictures, washing and discovery of the original condition. Separating the mechanical parts, seats, gas tank and others from the body.

Weeks 3 and 4
Taking apart the body and engine, with detailed pictures of the original engine, transmission and differential parts.

Month 2
Starting on the bodywork, cutting out the rotten floors and taking out the windshield to use as a mold.

Month 3
Details of the old and new cylinder jugs, starting of the bodywork, and the new wheels.

Month 4, part 1
The arrival of the new front suspension, its cleaning and disassembly of the U-joints, rear wheel bearings and rear suspension.

Month 4, part 2
Cleaning the engine parts, carbon from the heads, comparison of the VW cylinders with the new Corvair cylinders before and after de-flashing. Details of the problems with the distributor, generator, clogged oil cooler, worn pushrods, etc.

Month 8, part 1
Rebuilding of the steering box as well as the front and rear suspensions, including pics of the old and new wheels, before and after pictures of the suspensions and assembly.

Month 8, part 2
The rebuilding of the differential and transmission, resurfacing of the flywheel and pressure plate. Also the installation of the electronic module in the distributor and discovery of problems with the carburetors.

Month 9
Rebuilding the brakes, including honing the cylinders and replacing brake lines. Details of the valve train and de-flashing of the heads.

Month 10
Sandblasting and painting anti-rust on the edges of doors and hinges. Insides of the gas sending unit, fuel pump. Starting the fabrication of the new gas tank.

Month 12
Finishing the floor from below and welding the cracks in the unibody. Also polishing of some of the stainless belt trim and repairing the “Chevrolet” script to use as a mold for the hood emblem.
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