Month 29

Sound Insulation, Speakers and Interior

Installing eDead sound deadener

eDead and Dynamat installed

eDead on rear seating area floor

eDead on front floor

Carpet padding installed over eDead

Carpet installation started

Carpet and kick panel with vent

Installing seat hinge

Cutting plywood for speakers

Back of speaker enclosure

Speaker enclosure ready for upholstery

Speaker enclosure with carpet

Speakers installed

Seat down

Rear (folding) seat up

Rear seat and seat belts

Front door panel and carpeting

Left front door panel installed

Right rear door panel installed

Sun Visors and Dash

4Runner console between seats

Cup and bottle holder

Welding console base

Welding cup holders to console

Console with cup holders

Bottom patched with Toyota and Nissan pieces

Center console painted

Rear of console with electrical outlets

Console and Radio installed

Mold for shoulder belt cover

Mold for lower seat belt covers

Fiberglass seat belt covers unpainted

Finished lower seat belt retractor cover

Upper shoulder belt cover

Passenger side

Shoulder belt with finished console

Finished shoulder belt instalation

Embroidered floor mats

New shift knob in place (see this link for restoration"

Adapter plate to mount front speakers

Two 4" speakers mounted to adapter plate

Top view of adaptor and speakers before fitting to dash

Styrofoam surrounds for dash speakers

Seat hinges completely folded

Seat folded with filler (the entire rear chassis of the Mini fits in here)

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