Month 27

Electrical Installations and Muffler Construction

Building the wiring harness

Taping wires together for harness

Soldering connectors on wiring

Wires soldered and ready for connectors

Electrical connectors painted

Left front electrical connections and new windshield washer

Grinding bracket for alternator

Original generator with broken fan

Alternator installed

Alternador wiring

Dash wiring harness

Grinding horn rivets to repair horn

Insides of horn

New relays and fuses

Fixing gas tank surface

Installing gas tank

Installation of fuel pump under car

New steel gas line on left and seals

Same view after changing Air Intake tube and clamps

Right steel fuel line

Muffler forming

Positioning muffler end cap for proper angle out the side

Welding pieces for muffler

Muffler installed

Original car with no backup lights

Factory option with 1 stop and 1 backup light

Four tail lights and a set of halogen backup lights

Carb balancer

Balancing Carburetors

Engine finished with intake tubes

Engine with LED lighting

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