Month 24

Installing Glass, Preparing Trim & Clips and Upholstering Roof

Gluing windshield weatherstripping

Windshield installed

Original windshield

Right front window and windshield

Rear window installed

First piece of belt trim installed

Sand in window mechanism

Crank assembly disassembled

Braised window cranks

Window mechanism assembled

Hammering screw into clip-closeup

Rene Calizaya welding clip

Making clips for belt trim

Welding screw to clip

Sanding belt trim clips

Grinding out of plastic body putty from rear belt trim piece

More grinding out of plastic that had been used to hold the piece in place

Hammering out big dents in rear belt trim

Rough sanding with 220 paper to take out high spots

Sanding with 360 paper

Straightened and polished rear trim

Original roof condition

Original roof and windshield

Preparing interior of roof

Roof with big dents out

Dents out of roof

Ready to paint

Inside of roof with support

Painted roof-from top

Painted and insulated roof interior

New headliner installed

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