Month 4 part 1

Suspension and Wheel Bearings

Replacement cross-member on pallet

Both front crossmembers

Right front suspension

Left side of suspension

Cleaning suspension

Right front suspension after washing

Replacement suspension

Digging sand to sandblast

Sand blasting cross-member

Taking off brake drums

Rear brakes

First attempt to pull U-Joint

Red-lined hydraulic press trying U-Joint

Removing u-joint from shaft

Removing U-Joint on 70 ton press

Removing rear axle bearing on press

Splines of u-joint

Bearing needles in u-joint


Rear wheel bearing

Rear wheel bearing disassembled

Dried grease and damaged raceway

Closeup of raceway

Damaged raceway

More damage on bearing

Pitted barrels in bearing

Closeup of barrels in bearing

Closer look at bearing damage

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