Weeks 3 & 4

Body and Engine Inspection

Truck ride to the body shop

Car in place in the body shop

Front disassembled

Right front disassembled

Car full of parts

Floor rust

Rusty and burned right interior

Rusty door sills


Rear without bumper or lights

Closeup of rear

Engine hanging on lift

End view of engine

Cylinder head

Inside of cylinder head

Rust in combustion chamber

Closeup of head

Head with water

Combustion chambers

Clogged cylinder jugs

Clogged oil cooler

Clogged cylinders and head

Oil pan and strainer


Closeup of crankshaft

Closeup of camshaft

Closer view of cam

Piston and rod

Shims in bearings

Closeup of bearing pitting

Pitted and worn bearings with shim

Gap from worn thrust bearing

Closeup of thrust bearing wear

Pitted bearings

Worn thrust bearing

Three pistons

Welded piston

Closeup of clogged cylinders

Broken cooling fins

Broken fins on jugs

Carbon and oil on valves

Valve wear

Worn valve guides and carbon

Carbon on valves

Damaged valve stem from rocker

Oil pump

Rust in diferential

Chipped teeth in 1st-2nd gear

Closeup of chipped teeth

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