Weeks 1 & 2

Cleaning and Disassembly

First view in junkyard

View of roof and windshield at junkyard

Front seat and interior in junk yard

Left rear door panel

Engine compartment in junk yard

Left rear after washing

Right front after washing

Right rear after washing

Rear after washing

Right side rocker after washing

Right part of interior after washing

Interior after washing and stripping

Dash and floor after washing

Engine compartment after washing


Tire and wheel

Underside of car after washing

Cross-member bent

Close-up of cross-member

Front suspension out of car

Cross-member with steering

Rear suspension-transmission-differential

Strut bushing with steering box

Dry bushings

Front spindle and wheel bearing

Worn Tie Rod end

Welded Tie Rod End

Rubber cushion on weak spring

Other front spring

Front coil springs

Engine compartment from below


Stripped and ready for crane

Jose pulling old gas tank

Hole in gas tank

Closeup of gas tank holes

Side view waiting for crane

Body on crane

Guiding the crane onto the truck bed

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