Month 8 part 1

Steering and Suspension Rebuild

Original steering box

Disassembling steering box

Insides of steering box

Steering box parts

Assembling steering box

Finished steering box

Front wheel spindle

Original front spindle

Sandblasted front spindles

Painted front spindles

Rear Brakes

Front brake drum and parts

brake parts cleaned and painted

Rear brake drum painted and turned

Original set of 4 different tires

New set of Pirelli P400

Rear suspension-transmission-differential

Rear suspension

Rear control arm

Rear control arm sandblasted

Rear suspension bearings and painted control arm

Rear Suspension painted

Original front crossmember

Arrival of used front suspension from Tulsa

new front suspension

Spring cushions

Original tie rod end

Original strut bushing

New strut bushing from tractor tire

New strut bushing installed

Original front suspension

Front suspension parts painted

Pressing bushing in lower control arm

Front crossmember painted

Assembling front suspension

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