Month 8 part 2

Transmission, Clutch, and Differential rebuilds


Sandblasting differential

Differential ready to paint

Painted differential

Differential parts

Broken pin in differential

Home made wrench for differential disassembly

Differential gears

Transmission case

Transmission parts

First-Reverse gear

Synchronizer ring

Brass synchronizer

Pinning of loose yoke

Finished Transmission-Differential assembly

Driver's side of transmission-differential

Engine compartment

Engine covers blasted and painted

Original starter nose cone

New starter cone and rebuilt starter

Pedals before and after

Original clutch plate

Re-lined clutch plate

Original pressure plate close-up

Original flywheel close-up

Original Flywheel and Pressure plate

Resurfaced pressure plate and flywheel

Original and New throwout bearing supports

Original distributor glued insides

Installing pertronix

Rebuilt distributor with pertronix electronic module

Original non-matching carburetors

Carburetor linkage clips

Inside of carburetor

Accelerator pump

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