Month 9

De-Flashing Heads, Rebuilding of Rear Suspension and Brakes

Old front brake drums

Sandblasted and painted front brake drums

Original shock absorbers

New shock absorbers

Replacement crossmember with shock through support

Left front wheel assembly with shock absorber

New brake hoses

Honing the brake cylinders

Rear brakes from below

Rear brakes from above

Front brakes assembled

Old front wheel bearing

Old rear wheel bearing

New rear wheel bearing with box

Old and New rear wheel bearings

Pressing wheel bearing onto axle

Rear wheel assembly

Testing tire and wheel clearance

An original tire

New Pirelli P400 14" tires (later changed to whitewalls)

Original crossmember

Sandblasted and painted replacement front suspension

Original rear suspension-transmission-Differential

Sandblasted and painted rear suspension

Original Nissan valves

Testing the original valve springs

Worn rocker arm

Old and new lifters

Head before cleaning

Original head on car

Extra aluminum flashing and scrap on head

Head deflashed

Engine awaiting new parts for final assembly

Parts stored for next trip

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