Month 23

Polishing Dash parts and First Painting

Original window brand condition

Window cranks painted

Door locks before polishing

Door locks polished

Odometer lens before and after polishing

Dashboard before and after polishing. I reset the odometer to zero since I've rebuilt the entire car.

Remaining small parts painted

Logos for fenders and hood

Polishing knobs

Small dash parts polished

Hood and trunk latches

Buffer on door handle

Detail polish of door handle

Door handles polished

Cleaning striker plates

Striker plates polished

Fabricating front engine-shroud seal

Front engine-shroud seal

Rear part patched for 61 grill

Rear grill patch primed

Hood blocked and ready for paint

Hood primed

White pearl roof

Glasurit Medium Aqua Metallic paint formulation

Color comparison against original Corvair paint

Metallic paint closeup

First painted view from above

Painted trunk

Doors mounted on painted car

Original rusty quarter-rocker

Patched cowl and rocker

Left front fender

Cowl and quarter panel painted

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