Month 18

Glove Box, Bumpers and Seat Belts

Original glove box door

Detail of original glove box door

Polishing glove box door

Detail cleaning of glove box door

Fine sanding of gas door trim

Sanding gas door trim

Polishing gas door trim

Polished gas door-fender trim

Chevrolet logo before and after re-chroming

Original front bumper

Original rear bumper

Original bumpers

Re-chromed bumpers

Rusty corner cut out of rear door

Rusty corner of door patched

Rust cut out of door

Exterior of door patch

Rusty door pillar base

Welded sill

Column support rust

Seat belt cutout in door column

Seat belt housing cutout

Detail of seat belt retractor installed

Seat belt mounting at roof

Seat belt instalation

Final seat belt installation and fabrication of fiberglass covers in month 29

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