Month 13 part 1

Aluminum and Stainless Restoration

Original headlight assembly

Original headlight bezel

Polishing headlight bezel without removing anodizing

Caustic soda to remove anodizing

Sanding exterior of bezel

Detail sanding of bezel front

Detail polishing of bezel front

Polishing exterior of bezel

Polishing interior of bezel

One bezel finished - one to go

Bezels finished

Straightened and polished headlight rims and buckets

Original Headlights

Finished headlight components

Original door sills

Close-up of door sill

Basic sanding of door sill

Hand sanding of door sill

Hand sanding door sills

Polishing of door sill

Polishing sill with drill

One sill finished - one to go

Before and after sills

Finished door sills

Taking out dents from stainless trim

Stainless windshield trim before and after sanding and polishing

Sanding stainless steel trim

One trim piece finished - one to go

Stainless door post trim before and after

Reflection of Corvair in polished trim

Belt trim finished

Polishing without sanding

Polished roof trim

Foundry for aluminum produts

Melting Coke cans and scrap aluminum

Mold for logo

Heating mold before pouring

Pouring aluminum

Logo cast in aluminum

Solid letters to be opened and polished

Opening and forming letters

Detailing letters

New Chevrolet logo to re-chrome

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