Month 13 part 2

First Engine Assembly, and Parts Correction

Body on trailer

Original thrust bearing clearance

New thrust bearing with correct gap

Corrected new thrust bearing

Pistons in barrels

Piston with wrong rings

Piston skirt bulge defect

Gap from bulge in piston

Sanding piston to correct tolerance

Compressing valve springs

Installing main bearings

Torquing engine block halves

Bump on bearing

Engine block on stand

Torquing rod bearing caps

Checking for problem bearings

Rod cap numbering

New rings (wrong size)

Discovery of wrong size rings

Rings obviously too narrow

New gas tank bottom

Gas tank top

Inside of gas tank with epoxy sealer

Spraying a third coat of undercoating

Raising front suspension

Raising rear suspension to position

Rear suspension in position waiting for engine

Engine compartment primed

Color selection

First color shot

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