These pages show the progress in the third 12 months of the project

Month 25: This month shows the arrival of the front clip with the engine, transmission and many other parts, as well as the painting of the new front subframe and polishing of the new alternator and adjusta-ride units for the front.

Month 27: Here we line up and begin to weld the new front clip and clean up the engine, discovering the problems with the cooling system, as well as measuring the bearings to order replacements. also polishing of the manifolds and various aluminum parts, plus preparation of the head, arrival of the new engine parts and chroming of the heat deflector.

Month 28: Final disassembly of the engine, discovery of bad lifters, cleaning up of pistons, honing the cylinders, and painting of the engine. Also more work fabricating panels for the door frames and fitting the doors.

Month 30: Upholstered seats and door panels, making of tail light bezels and more body work, including welding of the floor pieces and right hand side details.

Month 31: Assembly of the engine, making and polishing of the rocker panel trim, prefabrication of the tailgate, stretching the cabin and fenders to match the doors. Also testing of Targa Red (front of fender) against Flame Red (A panel) and testing the seat fitment for fabrication of mounting points.

Month 33: Actually running month 33 and 34. Trial fitting of the windshield and rear window in their new frames, mounting wheels and disk brakes, stripping engine compartment and interior. Also fabricating the wheel flares and mounting the seats with the relocation of the steering column and adaptation of the wood dashboard to the 1994 instrument cluster.

Month 36: Cleaning and modification of the gas tank. Finishing the details of the body, priming, etc. Modification of the front subframe for the engine fitting and installation of the engine.
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