Before and After
This page gives a quick view of some the before and after pictures of different parts or areas of the Pickup from start to finish.

Side view after basic cleaning

Side view of finished Pickup

Front prior to purchase, with truck bumper

Same view after finishing

Right side before

Right side after finishing, showing interior hinges and roll-up windows

Right rear from above with wooden seats

Similar view of finished Pup

Right front before

Right front after

Front view with stretched and hinged grill

Final view of the front

Original view of the rear

Finished view of rear with 3rd brake light, halogen backup lamps and stainless/LED license support

Original radiator

Replacement painted radiator

Alternator from SPI engine

New Alternator polished and painted

Engine compartment as purchased (Suzuki engine)

SPI engine in place and running

Original Mini 988cc engine

Rebuilt SPI engine

Dashboard from left side

Finished dashboard from driver's side

Original seats and interior

New seats and interior

Original Dashboard and controls

New dashboard and controls

Original scratched side curtains

New roll-up windows

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