Month 33 & 34

Body work & Modifications

Testing fit of old windshield in frame that is half 1975, half 1994

Testing fit of new rear window in cab with new lower panel

Fender patched and straightened

Cutting steering column bolts

Interior gutted for cleaning and changes

Engine Bay gutted for cleanup and painting

First fabricated fender flares

Rounded fender flares

Rounded fender flares

Final flare design with tires in place

Starting to form front flare

Forming the flare

Starting to weld flare and form to fender

Heating flare to bend to wheel well

Side view with front flare started

Right front flare ready for rounding

Left front flare ready for rounding

Right rear fender flare finished

Original steering column and U-joints

Steering column assembled

Steering column relocated

Stainless tailgate pins

Brake booster painted and assembled

Dash assembled

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