Month 27

Tearing down the new engine for rebuild and work on fitting the two pieces together

View of left side with new parts aligned

View of right side with new parts aligned

Interior showing alignment of floor and beam

Adjusta-rides installed on rear sub frame

Cleaning engine after soaking with diesel fluid

Pulling torque converter to get at the lower end

Water pump filled with rust

Thermostat missing seal

Rusty exhaust manifold

Intake and exhaust manifolds cleaned, polished and painted

Thermostat housing on engine

Thermostat housing after cleaning

Oil filter housing cleaned

Injector body half cleaned

Cylinder head cleaned

Timing Chain and tensioner

Underside of engine after removing transmission

Worn main bearing

Plastigage shows bearings at outer limit of spec

Windshield pillars welded together

Hydraulic jack holding parts to weld

Welding interior of rocker panels together

Welding interior of rocker panels together

Rocker cut out to form new corner for door

Sliding door frame parts back to fit the larger door

Forming new corner for larger window

Corrected Roof Line

Interior of cabin with new door sizing

Rocker panel cut out to weld and replace

Squaring body and welding

New tail light lenses

Bearings, rings, water pump, thermostat, valve cover, gaskets, dual timing chain kit, etc.

Heat shield chromed

The following video shows how the upper portion of the cab was sliced and moved over 30 mm to match the width of the new doors with roll up windows. The fenders were also cut this way, with the door frame pushed back 19 mm to widen the opening.
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