Month 31

Body work and Engine Assembly

Rough form of stainless folded for rocker seam trim

Wet sanding stainless rocker trim with 180 grit, 220, 360, 600

Rocker trim polished and ready

Anti-rust inside tailgate before assembly

Patched tail gate outer panel with anti-rust inside before assembly

Tailgate finished

Piston with new rings

Inserting the first piston

Converted to dual timing chain

Motor assembled

Torque converter cleaned, painted and installed

Bellhousing installed on finished engine

Door to rear panel gap from new door geometry

Cabin cut and partially expanded towards door

Heating end of panel to stretch further

Final squaring of cabin

Left side closeup with doors mated

Left side finished and comparison of Targa Red and Fire Red

Testing seat position

Seated in car (will be 3 cm lower)

Video of cutting and stretching cabin

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