Month 68

Assembly of bumpers, lights, brakes, wiring, and installation of Fatmat

New parts from Argentina

Car as delivered from body shop

Sanding and polishing steering column controls

Polished controls

Steering wheel patched

Painting steering wheel

Engine tins and radiator shroud painted

Front bumper and lights assembled

Rear bumper assembled

Roof trim to straighten and polish

Roof trim straightened and polished

Bare front floor

Bare rear floor and package area

Installing Fatmat on floor and rear

Installing Fatmat on front floor

Fatmat installed on floor and rear

Doors painted with rust converter/anti-rust

Fatmat on doors

All covered in Fatmat

Rust-proofed and undercoated

Wiper restoration greasing and converting to 12v

Making bumper joint covers

Bumper trim installed

Vent trim as purchased, polished with defects

Vent trim stripped, sanded, and polished

Glove box trim stripped, straightened, sanded, and polished

Radiator filler neck trimmed, filed, and polished

Cracks discovered in Radiator support

Tail light sanded, polished, and installed

Arrival of Emblems

Arrival of Tires from the U.S.

Resting until next month

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