Austin Healy Sprite
My first project (1966) was a 4 year old Austin Healy Bug-Eye Sprite that had been badly neglected. It had considerable rust and dents, rotten and torn interior, and needed a clutch and carburetor work. I finished it with a metallic silver paint, black stripes and a white top, as well as fabricating Lexan side-curtains (windows).
This is not my first project car, although it will be the first that I will use outside shops to do some of the work. Here are the other three cars I’ve restored over the years and a few others I’ve owned.

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Triumph TR-3
My second project (1971) was a 12 year old Triumph TR3 that had lots of rust, a bad interior and needed valve and transmission work. It was also my daily driver at the time, so everything was one weekend at a time. I often drove it with a lot of parts missing.
My third project was actually my daughter’s dream car, rebuilt as a father-daugher project over about 9 months of evenings and weekends, finishing in mid 1987.
The 11 year old MGB ran well, but had spent a lot of years in the Florida sun and salt, resulting in a lot of rust and interior work, as well as the restoration of the famous rubber/plastic bumpers. Here it is on its first drive.
I currently drive this 1988 BMW 325 IC when in Tarija and the roads aren’t mud and ditches.

In 2000 I replaced the convertible top and in 2004 I replaced had the interior leather replaced with identical blue leather.

Now in 2010 I decided to have it repainted and fix the little things on the body, retouch the roof and spruce it up. Click here for pictures and details.

Over the years I've had many cars. Some of the most interesting are these.

1950 Studebaker
My first car was like this one. A 1950 Studebaker Champion. With its 6 cylinder engine, 3 speed transmission plus overdrive, it took me everywhere, frequently with wooden canoes on the roof. With this car and many trips to the junk yards I learned how to find the problems and fix them. My car was like this one, but in grey. My father bought this car in the late 1950’s and it basically became mine in 1961.
1954 Studebaker
My second car was like this one, a 1954 Studebaker Champion, purchased in 1962. This car gave me the experience in body work and painting during high school, starting out as a black car and ending up in a metallic blue.
1959 Studebaker Silver Hawk
My next car was a 1959 Studebaker Silver Hawk that I bought in January of 1964. With its 259 engine, this car was fast, but as you passed 130 mph the rear became light and unstable. The only thing I had to fix, and frequently, was the 4 barrel carburetor. I got it up past 200,000 miles before selling it a year later.
1962 Dodge Dart
My next car was this 1962 Dodge Dart that I bought in January of 1965 to use daily and cross the USA for my vacations in College. Here we see it passing through Colorado en June of that year.
1968 Chevrolet C-20 Pickup
After the Austin Healy Sprite that I showed above, I spent two years with this pick-up. Although it wasn’t actually mine, it was my responsibility and I used it to work on projects all over the southern part of Bolivia, from Sucre and Potosi to Tarija. Shown here on the main north-south highway in the eastern part of the country, just north of Camiri.
1965 Ford Mustang
Here is the 1965 Mustang that I bought in late 1971 when our 3 member family no longer fit in the Triumph TR3 that I showed above.
It went on to be replaced with big station wagons that could haul the cement, plywood and drywall that I needed for the house expansion.
After this came many more cars, including many company cars where I worked in different countries. Finally here we are in Bolivia, where I need 4 wheel drive for most of my journeys.
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