These pages show the progress each month

Original Condition: The car as I found it in the backyard body shop.

Cleanup: Cleaning and discovery of the real condition.

Month 4: Removal and cleanup of the brakes, wheel bearings and steering.

Month 6: Sandblasting suspension and brakes, painting brakes and fabricating suspension parts.

Month 7: Pulling and disassembly of the engine, with inspection and discovery of rust and parts to replace.

Month 10 Part 1: Removal, disassembly, cleaning and sandblasting of rear suspension, transmission and differential.

Month 10, Part 2: Repair and painting of the transmission, straightening and painting of engine and rear suspension compartment and parts. Also cleaning, painting and polishing of manifolds an aluminum rear grills.

Month 14: Arrival of 12 volt electrical parts, new steering wheel, rack & pinion, and brake hoses, prepping of engine parts for assembly and beginning of stainless steel roof trim restoration.

Month 18: Assembly of Engine, power train, rear suspension, and brakes, with installation in the car and beginning of the body work, starting with the engine compartment.

Month 20: Giving the seats to the upholsterer. Cutting, fabricating and replacing rusted body panels, including side panels of the box frame.

Month 21: Repair of the floor, replacing rusty panels from donor steel.

Month 35: Assembly of front suspension. Repair and upholstery of replacement front and rear seats.

Month 51: Straightening and Polishing of the stainless steel trim and restarting the body work.

Month 58: Cleaning and freeing up the speedometer, making RENAULT lettering for the sides and rear, and the new glass for the instrument cluster.

Month 63: Cleaning, refurbishing, polishing and painting the dashboard and its components, Straightening and chroming of the bumpers and hood hinges, repair of the door latches and painting of the body.

Month 68: Cleaning and polishing the steering column controls, painting the steering wheel, assembly of bumpers and installation of Fatmat.

Month 71: Rewiring the entire car from scratch, new gas tank bottom and sealer, dashboard assembly and details.

Month 78: Accumulation of final touches over a couple of months, mounting tires, polishing, installing glass, LED lights, and trim.

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