Condition of original motor

Original Engine
According to the owner, it only needed a timing chain

One side of rusty crankshaft

Other side of rusty crankshaft

Rusty cam shaft

Close-up of crankshaft

Rusty cylinder

Three pistons, four rods

Severe scratches on pistons

Rusty rings

Piston crown - already rebuilt to 0.020

Valve cover

Valve train

Head and valves with carbon

Close-up of part of head and valves

Carboned valves

Rusty water pump

SU carburator from Brazilian Dodge Polaris

Fuel pump

Clutch parts


Close-up of patched distributor


Delco Remy coil

Mitsubishi alternator


Toyota master cylinder for brakes

Close-up of clogged radiator

Extra engine supports - brake line "T"

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