Power train assembly

Power train assembly

Loading the car on the trailer

Delivery to the body shop for undercarraige patching

Sitting next to its sibling - my Mini Pickup

Engine parts to assemble

Engine gasket kit

Inserting stainless water distribution tube

New set of rings, but expanders are too big

Piston with new rings

Inserting pistons in sleeves

One of many defective gaskets

Assembling engine

Using new bolts to assemble

Grinding the new stud to the right length

New stud in place in the head for the manifolds

Assembling the differential with Marcelo

Left side of engine as bought, after washing

Left side of engine after repair and restoration

Oil filter adapter with ¾" threads instead of the 16 mm original threads

Right side of engine when purchased, after washing

Right side of engine finished with new filter adapter and blank plate for fuel pump

Bushing I made for engine support

Rear brake before cleaning

Rear brake cleaned, blasted, painted, and assembled

Cross-member assembles with throw-out bearing

Cross-member and transmission before restoration

Complete cross-member restored and assembled

Pressing bushings into place

Power train assembled and ready to install

Power train installed in straightened, patched and painted engine compartment

Steering rack assembled and ready for installation

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