Month 20

The body work begins with replacement of frame rails and rocker panels, squaring the car

Seats on their way to the upholsterer

Sanding the rust from the roof to begin straightening

Old rocker panel cut off

Rene Calizaya holding the new panel in place

New rocker panel and door sill welded in place

Patching the rusted parts of the wheel well

New rear door fabricated and welded in place

Welding new front right rocker place

Left front finished with rocker, sill, wheel well and hinges

Replacement frame pieces

Right front rocker in restoration

Rene holding the new door sill in place

Right front frame finished

Finished right front door sill

Right rear rocker panel cut off

Right rear rocker panel replaced

Stripped body in body shop

Brown Vinyl for sides of seats with ivory imitation suede for seating areas

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