Used Oil Analysis
One of the services we provide for our clients so that they can use proactive maintenance is used oil analysis, detecting and understanding the problems of their machinery so that they can be fixed before the problems become serious.

Each sample is sent to a certified lab in the USA for careful analysis. Those results are posted for them and analyzed by us locally en relation to their maintenance goals for personal recommendations. Customers who would like also have access to the original results on-line.

We study each result to interpret the condition of the oil, the level and type of contamination and wear. From that we make the recommendations for the corrections necessary in their maintenance to maximize the oil change interval and equipment life.

The only way oil change intervals should be extended is with oil analysis and changes in the maintenance plan accordingly.

In the Spanish section there is a lot of information on the interpretation and use of the results. Here we have posted some of the results and sample problems. These samples are selected from more than 4000 that we have performed, and are representative of many of the local problems.

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