Month 57 and more

Final Details

Wheel alignment, just barely fitting on the ramp. The first shop did not have equipment for 10” wheels.

The plastic coated stainless tailgate cable I made once upon a time to replace the noisy chain. Pin is also stainless, crimped over the cable.

Fabricated seam weld cover - Painted vertical, stainlees under doors

Materials for new license plate support

Form cut out of stainless

Final shaping of support

Sanding the edges of the support

View from the front with fender flares, mustache, etc.

View of the right front

View from the right rear with home-made tail light bezels

Rear view with halogen backup lights, third brake light and my first license plate support

View from left rear

View from front left

Standing by my new toy

Standing beside the pickup

Corner view of fender and backup lights

Underside of rear flares

Rear with new license support and "Mini" script

The interior from the driver's side

Seat belts and interior lighting

Interior of the Mini

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