Selection of Motor Oil for Modern Engines

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The selection of the right motor oil for a modern gasoline engine.

Newer cars use roller tappets, different operating conditions and catalytic converters for the exhaust gases to limit the impact of them on the environment. While it has always been true that gasoline engines did not require the added detergency and anti-wear additives of a diesel engine oil, the older cars performed just as well with the extra protection.

The changes in the engines to reduce their size and reduce the pollution of the air from the exhaust gases required different solutions, and over the years many changes have been made to come up with formulas that protect the engine from contaminants and wear while keeping it and the environment clean.

These different operating conditions and equipment require different oil.

  • This simple guide takes marketing and sales gimmicks out of the picture and helps you determine the right oil for your modern car in 4 simple steps.
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