Cut gasoline and diesel filters after use

In order for the fuel injection system to have a long life without excessive soot or repairs, the fuel must be filtered to eliminate anything larger than 3 microns. Anything larger will either scratch or wear the internal parts or jam them.

Here we can see several technologies for filtering fuel, including features to compensate for pump vibrations and smooth out the flow of fuel to the engine.

Donaldson P553004 (Volvo) With the interior tube required by Bosch

Mann W723 (equivalent for Volvo, but no center tube)

Toyofil diesel filter

Donaldson P550385 looking from the clean end

Donaldson P550385 the dirt caught at the exit

Donaldson P550385 showing that it is about half dirty

Donaldson P550385 torn apart and stretched out to see the interior paper

A filter that says Nissan but is not

The filter labeled as Nissan with rust inside

HP 619/1

A Donaldson Gasoline filter

A gasoline filter without a brand, all loose inside

Another rusty gasoline filter

Another gasoline filter

A collapsed original BMW filter

Cartridge from gasoline filter that came unglued from the housing

Gasoline filter that doesn't keep out much

Residuo dirt in bottom of diesel filter

Gel of bacteria in 4000 miles

Poor quality gasoline filter cracked by gasoline in 2000 km

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