Used air filters

Air filters are generally very fragile and can be easily damaged by careless handling, air pressure, vibrations or heat. Here we show a few filters after their useful life. Any dirt or dust that passes will enter the engine and sand the surfaces where it circulates.

When we take into consideration that the human eye can only see particles as small as bout 40 microns (a human hair is about 70 microns), it is easy to see how dust can get through. The most damaging particles are those between 2µ y 15µ, since they are big enough to damage the engine, but small enough to keep circulating in the oil.

Note the picture of the circular Toyota air filter that does not look very dirty. It is fabricated with a very restrictive paper and was already showing 25 water column inches of air restriction.

The broken SUV air filter where the owner wanted to make one more trip so he wouldn't dirty the new filter

The second side of the SUV filter

Filter from a Toyota T100 pickup

Shriveled gasket on a Toyota T100 letting dirt into the engine

Filter from a Ford Explorer saturated with oil

Another Ford filter

Filter of a Toyota HiLux pickup "cleaned with air"

Filter from an SUV

Toyota Corolla filter in a used car lot

Filter from a Toyota HiLux with 25" of restriction, even though it looks clean

The interior of a filter that let dust pass through

A filter modified to "fit" the wrong application, letting lots of dirt in

K&N filter in a Toyota Tacoma showing a bad seal and holes at least 100 microns

Close-up of K&N air filter

Nylon stocking placed over the carburetor as a filter

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