Used oil filters - cut after use

A lot of filters look the same when we look at the outside. Some even look decent when we cut them open, but the real test is how they hold up in a few thousand miles of driving with hot contaminated oil flowing through them.

These filters were cut in our offices so that customers could see what they had in their cars.

Luber Finer PH500 "equivalent" to the 05184231AA1 from Chrysler

fdp: The form of the base does not allow the retention valve to seal. You can also see this in the new filter that are cut

fdp FH-105 with the barbs that keep the retention valve from sealing

fdp FH-105

fdp (Faderpa, Bolivia) it says "Heavy Duty" and "Export". It is far from that.

Fram PH2849A not sealed to tube

Standard Parts 90915-30002 clogged by poor oil and soot-filled from poor combustion

Standard Parts MD 069782 falling apart with glue in powdery globs

Standard Parts 90915-10002 with the end cap falling off

Nissan 1520831U0B


Massey Fergusson 1447048M1

Mann WP1240 Made in Chile. Collapsed and perforated in a Isuzu with with 6000 km

Close up of the Mann WP1240 showing the hole in the paper element

Mann W6 Multi 20

MD332687 no brand, but identified as for Mitsubishi

MD 069782 with 4800 km in a Mitsubishi diesel pickup

Lys LF-80

Lys FL-54 collapsed causing the dirty oil to circulate

Luber Finer LFP-5971 - A "combo" full flow and bypass filter

Fram PH9837 with a poor seal around the center tube

Fram PH9837 with a rusty base

Fram PH966B collapsed in 4000 km

Fram Extra Guard PH2849A with a bad seal between the tube and valves

Donaldson P554770 with 6000 km

Donaldson P553771

Donaldson P502016

Donaldson P502063

Donaldson P551343 Filter "combo" with total y by-pass flow

Donaldson P502007

Donaldson P550008 with 6800 km y Standard Parts "equivalent" with 3300 km

Chrysler 05184231AA1 used in 3.7 engines from 2009 to 2010

Autotec filter with assorted contaminants

Highfil FH513 with 2000 km in a Toyota diesel with poor oil and poor combustion

The filter of an engine puffing out black smoke

The insides of a collapsed Fram PH-8A

Engine wear particles caused by failed PH8A filter

Fram PH8A retention valve hard as a rock after 1800 miles in a Toyota Land Cruiser

Fram PH8A with a piece of filter media missing, leaving dirt to pass through to the engine

Close up of hole in Fram PH8A shows an apparent tear in manufacturing. Note various parts where paper was pulled into center tube.

Fram - Burrs and perforations in center tube prevent sealing against metal valves

Fram - Perforated tube does not seal against metal spring

Fram PH-8A with rusty spring

Closeup of Donaldson P502007 after 4000 miles of use

MD332687 Standard Parts: Close up of holes worn in filter by a sharp center tube. End caps fell off and rubber valve is hard

Fram PH49A for CAT with a small rubber seal and weak spring

Comparison of thin rubber seal on Fram PH49A and Donaldson P554004 (on right)

Fram PH16 with bad seal at tube and partially colapsed media

Autotech PH2825 with a hard retention valve and rough surfaces on the base that won't seal

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