The destruction of the transmission, transfer case and differentials with water contamination

This Toyota pickup was driven by someone who did not care what he did with it, crossing rivers or whatever he came across.

These samples are from the transmission, the transfer case and both differentials.

The first sample is from the transmission. The water has evaporated, but left 10 ppm of sodium and 38 ppm of dirt, causing 255 ppm of iron wear or rust and 18 ppm of copper wear or corrosion.

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Here is the transfer case oil. It has 10 ppm of dirt with 84 ppm of iron and 12 ppm of copper.
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Here is the rear differential. It has 16 ppm of sodium, 39 ppm of potassium from the water and 127 ppm of dirt, causing 1309 ppm of iron wear or rust, and 9 ppm of chrome with 11 ppm of copper.
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Here is the front differential. The water left a little sodium and 57 ppm of potassium with 96 ppm of dirt, causing 1117 ppm of iron wear or rust.
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