Differential wear and rust from water contamination

Here we have four examples of differentials where water entered through the oil seals or vents leaving dirt and wear or corrosion.

The first two samples are both from a Toyota HiLux pickup, both front and rear differentials.

The first sample still has 3.8% water content. This is accompanied by 67 ppm of potassium, 27 ppm of sodium and 243 ppm of dirt. The wear and corrosion is 572 ppm of iron and 41 ppm of copper.

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This is the rear differential of the same Toyota pickup. Part of the water evaporated, but we still have 3.4% water in the oil along with 620 ppm of potassium and 22 ppm of sodium. The iron wear and rust ended at 751 ppm.
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This sample is from another HiLux pickup that has 2.4% water. This water did not have a lot of minerals, just getting to 10 ppm of sodium, but it was dirty, leaving 292 ppm of dirt and causing 408 ppm of iron wear or rust.
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This is another HiLux pickup wear the water evaporated leaving 602 ppm of potassium and 24 ppm of sodium. The 584 ppm of dirt that went in with the water ended up costing 2042 ppm of iron wear and rust.
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