A new air filter can increase the life of the engine

In this first example, we can see three UOA results. In the first (starting at the bottom with August 3) we have only 4 ppm of silicon (dirt) which relates to 18 ppm of iron wear. The second sample, at the end of the month had a damaged air filter allowing 18 ppm of dust and causing 23 ppm of iron wear. For the third sample, in November, the filter is good, only allowing 5 ppm of dust, and only 14 ppm of iron wear.

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This equipment had 13 ppm of dirt in the first sample, causing 15 ppm of iron wear. They changed the filter and only had 1 ppm of dirt in the second sample, reducing the iron wear to 1 ppm.
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The next equipment had 7 ppm of dirt, allowing 18 ppm of iron wear, but they decided to "clean" the filter and increased the dirt ingression to 11 ppm. They changed the filter and reduced the dirt to 3 ppm and the wear to 4 ppm.
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This equipment had 16 ppmof dirt in the first sample and 60 ppm of iron wear. After changing the air filter, they only had 4 ppm of dirt and 17 ppm of iron wear (some was probably residual). The third sample shows only 3 ppm of dirt and 10 ppm of iron wear.
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