Damage from Cleaning the Air Filter with Compressed Air

In addition to the examples on the previous page, here we have 4 examples from vehicles using 10W-30. These four examples were run at the same time using the same oil.

These four samples were run to find what the problem was in 3 Nissans operating where the dealer cleaned the air filters during regular service. The fourth (first one shown) was my Toyota pickup that I changed for a control, even though it only had 5800 km on the oil. I use the pickup on mostly dirt roads, with heavy loads, and a lot of city stop-and-go. With a total of 152,000 km total mileage and 5800 on this oil, it only had 1 ppm of iron and 4 ppm of dirt. This was with a standard DENSO air filter, never cleaned.

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The next sample is a Nissan X-Trail (License Plate 1397-TUR) with an engine that needs rebuilding at 80,000 km (about 50,000 miles). It yas 66 ppm of dirt with 153 ppm of iron wear, 160 ppm of aluminum, 30 ppm of tin, 11 ppm of copper, 8 ppm of lead from the bearings and 13 ppm of chrome. All in only 4500 km of use.
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The next sample is also a Nissan X-Trail (license plate 1227-RLC) that is using a lot of oil. Note that it only has 55,000 km of use, with about 5800 on this oil sample. It has 21 ppm of dirt, 11 ppm of iron, 5 ppm oc chrome, 3 ppm of lead and 6 ppm of copper.
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Finally we have this Nissan Patrol with less than 15,000 km total usage and 7100 km on this oil. It has 16 ppm of dirt, causing 7 ppm of iron, 13 ppm of lead from the bearings and 13 ppm of copper.
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Even when it is done as cautiously as possible, cleaning the filter ends up costing the life of the engine.

El soplado del filtro, bajo cualquier cuidado, termina acabando con la vida útil del motor.  En estos tres ejemplos, de más de 100 que tenemos, podemos ver los efectos en autos de individuos que están tratando de cuidar sus vehículos con los mitos tradicionales.

When we analyze this wear by each 1000 kilometers, we have:
  • The Toyota Hi Lux without any cleaning of the filter had 0.17 ppm of iron per thousand km.
  • The first Nissan X-Trail where the filter was cleaned had 34.15 ppm of iron for every thousand km.
  • TheX-Trail has 200 times more wear. The engine was completely worn out in 50,000 miles.
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