Torque converters on heavy equipment

It is extremely important for the productivity of the construction equipment that the torque converter and transmission be properly protected with the right oil. Here we have examples of two oils sold for this purpose.

In the first example we have an oil with 2000 hours of use and even though 12 ppm of dirt entered, it only had 6 ppm of iron wear, 6 ppm of lead and 4 of copper.

The oil in the second sample only has 1000 hours of use and the same 12 ppm of dirt, but already has 59 ppm of iron, 85 ppm of lead, and 54 ppm of copper.

What is the difference? The first oil had 4 times as many anti-wear additives after twice the hours of work. It has 4 times the reserve of detergent to keep the parts clean and avoid acids or varnish formation.

The correct level of additives is critical for long life

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The lack of additives in this oil shortened the life of the converter.

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