Inspection and freeing up the wheels

Inspection and freeing up and cleaning the wheels and brakes

View of front suspension and broken stabilizer bar

View of rear under car

Left front

Left front wheel, brakes and bearings

Cracked raceway in left front wheel

Broken left front wheel bearing

Right front wheel bearings

Front brake shoes

Lower left front arm

Pair of front springs

Rusty left rear wheel, nut, and muffler

Left rear axle housing without brake assembly

Close-up of mud in brakes after forcing them open

Rear brakes disassembled

Pressure washing rear brakes

Rear brakes washed and ready to sandblast

Sand-blasting rear brake drums

Rear brakes shoes

Muffler - I'll have to make a new one

Broken front stabilizer bar

Steering rack and worn pinion

Close-up of steering pinion

New set of keys

The "new" front seats arrived from Buenos Aires

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