Power Train Preparation

Power Train Preparation

Treated parts with Rustoleum Rust Reformer

Painting Transmission

Engine parts primed

Engine block primed

Painting the engine block

Painting the engine head

Removing paint and polishing original intake manifold

Polished original intake manifold

Painting the rear cross member

Rear suspension and clutch parts painted

Left side strut supports painted

Right side strut supports painted

Front cross member painted

Rust in transmission

Rusty gears

Pitted bearings

Correcting chewed first gear teeth

Cleaned transmission parts

Transmission mounts cleaned and painted

Cleaning rust from exhaust manifold

Original set of manifolds

Manifolds complete, painted with Rustoleum high temp BBQ paint

Engine tins straightened and protected

Aluminum rear grills

Sanding and Polishing rear grill

Right rear grill polished

Both rear grills welded, sanded and polished

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