Refreshing my 1988 BMW 325ic

Restoration of the BMW

Painting the left front corner

Painting the front

Painting the left side, back and front

Painting the right rear and trunk

Painting the hood after correcting previous repairs

Trunk lid painted

Painting the BMW stripes

Closeup of BMW stripes painted

First day at home in the Garage

Top and window as received from the body shop

Spreading the cleaner evenly on the top to prepare it for the dye

Cleaned top shows damage from dog

Preparing to dye and treat the canvas top

Towel to protect the paint from the blue dye

Applying the first coat of Renovo Soft Top Reviver

Window scratches before polishing

Starting to repair scratches in the window

Left side polished with Black Magic and the right side with Meguiars Plastx

Final appearance after two coats of Reviver and polishing window

Janvil Glass Renew takes off the mineral film on the windshield

Interior leather, replaced in 2004 in Santa Cruz with original color leather

Final with view of top

Final in the garage

Final stripe and light reflections on polished fender

Front left final

Right front final

Finished with top down

Teresa in BMW

1988 BMW & 1960 Corvair in vinyard

New leather steering wheel cover

Close-up of newly upholstered leather steering wheel

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